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    nurses over 50

    Posted in: Staff nurses greater...

    Found myself looking for another job about 6 mos. ago. No luck as yet, and not sure if it's going to get better. Came into nursing at a lat age and not enough time to really build up a decent retirement and too soon to retire....

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    RE: RN to BSN Online Programs

    Posted in: Nursing

    I did the same thing and had the same history as your's, went to Grand Canyon University. It was an enjoyable fast paced experience and in the mid range price. Completely online-they accepted my credits and gave a 10% ANA discount.

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    Preceptor needed in Rhode Island for A/GNP

    Posted in: Advanced Practice...

    I found out yesterday that my school didn't accept my preceptor because the school does not have a contract with state of MA. I live in RI, but working in MA. If you know anybody in RI that would be willing to help me, please...

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    RE: RN to BSN Online Programs

    Posted in: Nursing

    Before anyone decides on getting your BSN online, make sure it will be recognized. There are facilities here in Texas that will not recognize a BSN from online colleges.

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    RN to BSN Online Programs

    Posted in: Nursing

    I apologize if I am repeating any previous threads. I am new to this site. I am 57 years old. I am an RN, working in a Critical Care Pulmonary Clinic within a Hospital. I graduated from a School of Nursing back in 1978. 3...

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