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  • Review of Draft Position Statement

    Hello everyone! The final editing period of our position statement will take place between May 28th and June 10th.

    If you submitted comments after the deadline of our last review, please re-submit them on NurseSpace during this next review period. more

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  • Hi Everyone.... I wanted to create a community of sharing Nursing Stories with each other! I am hoping this to be a positive story place. A place to heal and uplift those that may just need a good laugh, an internet hug or just an inspiring...

  • Posted in: Nurse Advocates

    Hello Kelly. The answers to your questions depend greatly on the policies at your work place. Even though your actions were not illegal, many facilities have policies that do not allow political activism or lobbying on the premises. Collecting...

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    Hello fellow nursing advocates, Recently I obtained employee signatures within my place of employment for advocating for more nursing staff in nursing homes that I was going to mail to congress to increase awareness for future changes. My employment...

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