Peter McMenamin

ANA Staff
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Peter McMenamin, Ph.D., Senior Policy Fellow, ANA

Dr. McMenamin’s career encompasses both private market and government experience in health care financing, policy analysis, and advocacy. In his role as Senior Policy Fellow for ANA he is the Health Economist for the Association and is responsible for issues related to the economic value of nurses and nursing services. Among his previous positions he was Director of Health Care Financing Policy for the American Medical Association and Senior Director of Research for PhRMA. He also directed the Physician Reimbursement Research Branch at HCFA from 1978-1983. In addition to HCFA, Dr. McMenamin has worked in, with, or for virtually all of the government's civilian health agencies: ASPE, OASH, HRSA, NIH, CDC, OTA, CBO, CRS, PROPAC and PPRC (now MEDPAC), and the VA. He has worked as an economic consultant for many of the leading contract research organizations: Mathematica Policy Research, RAND, Battelle, the Lewin Group, and Booz Allen Hamilton. As an independent consultant his clients included many state and national physician specialty societies. Dr. McMenamin’s Ph.D. in economics was earned at the University of California—Berkeley. He studied for his undergraduate degree at Brown University and at the London School of Economics and Political Science.